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Ratnapura gem mines of Sri Lanka


Ratnapura is known as the gem capital of Sri Lanka . This charming city is blessed with natural beauty. While taking in the natural sights, you will take pleasure in the calmness and fresh air offered by the area. You will find waterfalls, forest land and tea plantations presenting an appealing view. Sinharaja Forest is a place where you will find all varieties of flora and fauna.


Ratnapura is the center of Sri Lanka 's gem mining industry. The mines are labored in the dry season and the gems originate are the ruby and sapphire (plain and star varieties), cat's eyes, alexandrite, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, tourmaline, garnet, zircon and a swarm of others.



Ratnapura is not a mainly renowned city in anything but its gem trade. It is here that people get together from all the gem fields across Sri Lanka to buy and sell the yields of their hard work. Travel through the major market area and mention the word sapphire and the merchants will come out as if from no-where, tiny paper envelopes full of stones astonishingly come out from the pockets of gorgeously bleached business shirts and thrust in front of you for assessment. You could find them off with a big stick, or enjoy the tumult of it all, suggesting a cost here and there, bargaining for 1/5 of what you expect they will want for a particular packet of stones. All good fun, but learn a bit about gemstones before you head off.


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